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Content Marketing Manager


I'm Alex Cueto

Content marketing manager and growth marketer with 6 years of experience helping Financial Services and Consumer Technologies grow their user base, revenue,
and brand awareness. I have helped over 30 clients increase organic traffic by up to 150% and conversion rates by up to 10%.
Increase in non-branded organic searches within 6 months through strategic content
Open rate for email marketing campaigns with 70k+ subscribers
CAC for B2C within the Fintech industry and 12% conversion rate

A little about me

Welcome to my Portfolio! For the past 6 years, I’ve been helping U.S. based companies grow through content and building products from a marketing perspective. I joined the Growth Hacking team at Front Finance, where I'm proud to be part of a team building a better and brighter financial future for everyone.

I'm passionate about deeply understanding needs, using data to bring better solutions to problems, digesting complex topics into clear narratives, finding the voice of the business, and taking 1:1 to users.

In my free time, I enjoy walking, investing, reading, and listening to podcasts & 1000 jigsaws.

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What I Can Provide

01        Performance Marketing: SEM and Paid Social


02       Email Marketing


03      Content Marketing


04      CRO & Product Marketing

Front Finance
June 2021 – Nov 2022


Asset Allocation App. Democratizing access to financial information, helping young investors make better investment decisions.

•   Launched redesign of the Front homepage to increase user conversion from 20% to 45% and better reflect the new app features
•   Launched a daily financial newsletter to 60,000+ weekly readers with an open rate of 25%+ and premium subscription purchases of 10%
•   Increased non-branded organic searches by 200% in 6 months through strategic content
•   Launched a financial product to increase organic traffic using content through API calls

Wallot, Alex portfolio
September 2020 – July 2021


I was responsible for identifying the growth strategy, setting KPIs, and testing the right growth methods including programmatic advertising and content marketing. 

•   We initially aimed for a 15% open rate and we archived a 20% average open rate.
•   The conversion rate was on average 5%, reducing CAC from $20 to $9.
We grew the newsletter subscription list from less than 2000 to 7000+ in six months.

Neil Patel, Ubersuggest Alex portfolio
Nov 2020 – Dec 2021

Neil Patel

I was responsible for the creation of a content strategy to increase customer retention and activation. 

•  Proposed out-of-the-box solutions to bring organic traffic to the Ubersuggest tool and compete with well-established domains.
•  Focused on leveraging emerging technologies to create the future of self-sufficient SEO. 
•  Created clear and engaging content guides to build SEO-driven content plans for entrepreneurs that worked for acquisition and retention. 

People clerk. Alex portfolio
May 2020– Jan 2021

People Clerk

People Clerk was born to democratize access to legal information. It’s very difficult and nearly impossible to file a small claim without the help of a lawyer. People Clerk guides self-represented litigants throughout the small claims process giving them the tools to prepare, settle, and litigate their dispute.

I was responsible for building an SEO content strategy to increase traffic and customer activation. The content was also repurposed as a self-guide for new users. We brought roughly 30 prospects a month without ads or social media.